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Info´s about Islamic art

The art of Islam offers a wide range of informations. It has become almost unmanageable. This includes historical objects of the past as well as developments of modern art. combines this informations and provides a meeting place for everyone, to have fun with Islamic culture.

Annemarie Schimmel, the great oriental scholar, wrote about Islamic art:

`A look at a work of art but almost immediately leads into the heart of culture - here, the arabesque as a quintessence of the artistic ideals of the Islamic world because, as was once said,  - They are inebriated eye and mind. "

`Die Betrachtung eines Kunstwerkes aber führt fast unmittelbar in das Herz der Kultur   - hier kann die Arabeske als Quintessenz des künstlerischen Ideals der islamischen Welt gelten, denn, wie einmal gesagt wurde,

                                                   - sie berauscht Auge und Geist.`


                             (aus: Ornament und Abstraktion, Ausstellungskatalog - Fondation Beyeler, 2001 )